Imam Khomeini Hospital in Karaj can turn into a brand
Imam Khomeini Hospital in Karaj can turn into a brand

The complicated story of Imam Khomeini Hospital Karaj has been heard by most people around the metropolis, and officials of the Municipal Government Organization are planning to hold the sixth auctions.

Eqtesad bar Khat – The hospital, which was once a penitentiary, has been having complex problems. However, after facing all the challenges, the hospital is set to be presented at a public auction, so that its health center with lots of potential can be improved.

Shahriar Qasemi, an Iranian Ophthalmologist with 30 years of experience in Germany, who has turned back to Iran to manage Imam Khomeini Hospital, in an interview asked the authorities to save this national hospital.

He said: “Fortunately, all the officials, especially the high-level governor, together with his assistants and the officials, especially Mr. Kolivand, has been very helpful. The authorities have a benevolent look to solve the problem of the hospital. I am also a specialist and have experience. Also. financial resources are also ready. This is a state hospital and everything should be scheduled.”

“Due to Karaj’s potential such as proximity to the capital, access to neighboring provinces and the relatively high population, there are good chances. Given the fact that I’ve done branding in Germany despite its very difficult conditions, I’m sure I can do this for the city of Karaj,” he continued.

According to him, the development of the hospital is planned, due to the fact that it has the potential for development to a 500-bed hospital. Hospital parking can be made up to 15 floors and a 15-storey polyclinic for different treatment departments that has the capacity to accommodate the patients.