Karaj to be a more habitable city
Karaj to be a more habitable city

The mayor of Karaj emphasized on the necessity of organizing city entrances. Ali Kamalizadeh, referring to the operation of Hamgam park in Hesar, said: "We have to work harder to improve the quality of life of the citizens and urban viability in this metropolis."

Eqtesad bar KhatKamalizadeh said that the goal of the metropolitan management of Karaj is to make it habitable, adding: “To achieve this goal, efforts are directed to improve the quality of life and increase the satisfaction of citizens in different areas of the city.”

He emphasized that development projects are an indicator for evaluating the performance of urban management, and explaining that improving quality of life and increasing citizens’ satisfaction are quantitative and measurable indicators that should be considered in the implementation of construction projects.

Kamalizadeh stressed on the necessity of improving the city’s entrances, saying that Hesar is a showcase of the city and building of the new park has been a step to make it more beautiful.

Referring to the conclusion of the $30 billion agreement with the Road and Urban Development Organization, he said: “The agreement aims to promote and facilitate cooperation between the Ministry of Roads & Urban Development and Urban Management Organization of Karaj to plan, direct, supervise and monitor the development of the Karaj metropolis.

He finally noted that after concluding this agreement, we will see accelerated development of the city and the preparation of unified and efficient documents for implementation of various projects.