Alborz, capable of tourism advancements
Alborz, capable of tourism advancements

Shahbazi, high representative of the government in Alborz, said that in the current situation, Alborz has been working to create peace of mind for the people and seeks to strengthen the welfare for the people.

Eqtesad bar KhatShahbazi at the ceremony of introducing the Chief Justice of Alborz explicated the general condition of Alborz, adding: “Alborz is a populated province with lots of opportunities, amongst which are the existence of a literate and systematic population.”

He continued: “Authorities and directors of the province are
working in different sectors, and this collaboration has provided good grounds for
the presence of investors and the achievement of economic prosperity.”

According to him, Alborz is among the 3 top provinces of the
country to attract foreign investors.

Shahbazi further noted that more than 3,500 manufacturing
and industrial units are located in Alborz, about 150 units are considered
national brands. Meanwhile, Alborz has had the slightest tension in the laboring

Referring to the various opportunities of Alborz in
different sectors, he added: “We are going to use the tourism capabilities
of the province in order to create employment opportunities.”

He said: “We have prepared and compiled the Alborz
budget division model according to the national approach, and our main priority
is to eliminate depopulation from the less-favored areas of the province.”

The Governor of Alborz said that they are actively pursuing
the development of roads and accelerating the completion of projects in this
sector. This is while, Alborz is also a productive province and a major hub for
drug production in the country.

At the end, he thanked the representatives of the supreme
leader in the province to strengthen the unity and solidarity in Alborz.